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Grindrod Limited is the holding company of a dynamic organisation with more than 100 years experience in South Africa's freight movement and related industries, providing total logistics solutions for clients.


“Our involvement with Kingsley Holgate was a natural. We believe that he stands for a great cause and that he lives the philosophy of the Nando’s brand which is all about improving people’s lives whilst travelling an adventurous journey.”


Captain Morgan

The Captain Morgan Rum Co. is a member of various organizations that promote responsible drinking and discourage alcohol misuse.
Drink responsibly - Captains Orders
Land Rover

Centurus Colleges

The vision of Teaching on the Edge entails teaching through interactive, real life learning. Trevor Glass: “We are creating our future leaders through education. Teaching on the Edge is the vehicle.”


British Airways

British Airways is a full service global airline, offering year-round low fares with an extensive global route network flying to and from centrally located airports.



Central African Gold

Central African Gold have made a cash contribution to this humanitarian expedition as well as providing logistical and other support in Ghana and Mali – hard support. Soft support has been the launch of anti malaria awareness campaigns in the regions in which Central African Gold operate.

Why did you feel it was necessary to do this?

As an African focused mining company that believes that Africa and its people are the cornerstone of our business, we thought it appropriate to support an effort to impact on a disease that affects our people, their families and the communities we are involved with. We also identify with the entrepreneurial nature of Kingsley’s expeditions in the way we explore and do business in Africa.


Vestergaard Frandsen has committed more than 10,000 lifesaving insecticide-treated PermaNet® to this expedition. We share Kingsley Holgate’s fierce dedication to helping those most in need fight the world’s number one killer of children, malaria.


Protea Hotels


4x4 Mega World

4x4 Megaworld have sponsored all of the off road accessories on Kingsley's Landover's, these include: African Outback Roof Racks; Canopies; Recovery Equipment; Old Man Emu Off Road Suspension; ARB Bush Bars; Engel Fridge Freezers; and T MAX Winches.

By supporting Kingsley's humanitarian aid expedition 4x4 Megaworld is also testing its products to the extreme, ensuring that quality and reliably assist his group in there and with their life saving program.


Evolution Communications

Evolution Communications is a Distribution Partner (DP - i.e. a Tier 1 distributor) of Inmarsat services and, uniquely, the only DP to have its sales and customer service heart in Africa. Evolution is focused on the provision of mobile satellite services - primarily BGAN and IsatPhone (Inmarsat's handheld voice service), though we are also a wholesaler of Thuraya and Iridium voice services.



GEMINI MARINE has supported Kingsley's adventures since his first expedition when he followed the African rift from Cape Town to Cairo.

Gemini provided customised expeditionary boats that were required. GEMINI did so with pride in the knowledge that they were supporting the excellent humanitarian contributions that the Holgate family and their crew were making to people in need. At the same time, who better than Kingsley Holgate to put our GEMINI boats to the ultimate test. Together with GEMINI & Yamaha the Holgates can now reach the unreachable and get in contact with the Africans in need on the smaller villages.

Gemini is honoured to be involved with the Holgates.



Yamaha sponsored Kingsley an EF2400is generator and 2 Yamaha 30-HP 2-stroke outboards.

Our investment in Kingsley is one way that we as Yamaha Distributors can reinvest in the humanitarian effort which affects our customer base which is Southern Africa. The products that we’ve provided him with, enables Kingsley to have access over the water to so many small villages and the generator gives him the ability to communicate with modern technology to the world.


Cooper Tires

“Cooper Tires’ performance in these extreme conditions was simply outstanding – they’re probably one of the most must-have items of off-road equipment for African conditions!” says Kingsley Holgate.

Cooper Tires, distributed by Dunlop, are proud long-term sponsors of Kingsley Holgate’s expeditions, and welcomed the chance to sponsor the Outside Edge team.



Kingsley and his team are distributing impregnated mosquito nets throughout Afrika, this in mind it is very important for them to record the exact location the nets have been distributed.

The GPS information gathered by the expedition is submitted to USAID, this augments “Saving Lives through Adventure”, should nets need to be replenished this can be done as the dates and location have been recorded.

We sponsored 2 x GPSMAP 276’s and a smaller Quest SA for when they need the versatility of a motor vehicle and a handheld device as well as a donation of R50 000, 00 towards the purchase of more nets.



Rotary International

Rotary International: A Global Network of Community Volunteers. The official site of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.

Melvill & Moon

Based on many of the old Safari/military campaign designs, our eclectic range of Safari accessories and equipment convey not only the romance of a different era but also the handmade craftsmanship of a time when things were made to last forever.

Getaway Magazine



Life Carstenhof Clinic

Life Carstenhof Clinic is a medical institution , it was an honor to play a part in this great humanitarian mission. We provided the complete first aid kit and malaria prophylaxis treatment for the team throughout the expedition.



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